Progressively Raise in Importance of Test Data

Referring to a study conducted by IBM in 2016, searching, managing, maintaining, and generating test data encompass 30%-60% of the testers’ time. It is an inevitable evidence that data preparation is a time-consuming phase of the software testing. Nevertheless, it is a fact across many various disciplines that most data scientists spend 50%-80% of their models’ development time in organizing data. And now considering the legislations and as well as the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) makes the testers engagement overwhelmingly decent in the process of testing. Today, the credibility and reliability of the test data are considered an uncompromised element for the business owners. The product owners see the ghost copies of the test data as the biggest challenge, which reduces the reliability of any application at this unique time of clients’ demand/requirements for the quality assurance. Considering the significance of test data, large majority software owners don’t accept the tested applications with fake data or less in security measures.

At this point, why don’t we recollect on what Test Data is? When we start writing our test cases to verify and validate the given features and developed scenarios of the application under the test, we need information that is used as input to perform the tests for identifying and locating the defects. And we know that this information needs to be precise and complete for making the bugs out. It is what we call test data. To make it factual, it can be names, countries, etc…, are not sensitive, where data concerning to Contact info, SSN, medical history, and credit card info are sensitive in nature. The data may be in any form like; system test data, SQL test data, performance test data, and XML test data.

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