Corrupted Test Data

After the execution of any test cases on our existing test data, we should make sure that the data is not corrupted/outdated and the application under the test can read the data source. Typically, when more than a tester working on different modules of an AUT in the testing environment at the same time, the chances of data getting corrupted is so high. In the same environment, the testers modify the existing data as per their need/requirements of the test cases. Mostly, when the testers are done with the test data, they leave the data as it is. As soon as the next tester picks up the modified data, and he/she perform another execution of the test, there is a possibility of that particular test failure which is not the code error or defect. In most cases, this is how data becomes corrupted and/or outdated, which lead to failure. To avoid and minimize the chances of data discrepancy, we can apply the solutions as below: And of course, you can add more solutions at the end of this tutorial in the comments section.

  1. Having the backup of your data;
  1. Return your modified data to its original state;
  2. Test Data division among the testers; and
  3. Keep the test data warehouse administrator updated for any data change/modification;

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